Caring Hearts

Caring Hearts is made up of many parts, because we are trying to meet the needs of the Church parishioners when life deals them sicknesss or death.  We try to let them know their Church family is with them no matter what they are going through with a heart felt card.  We offer transportation when they are too sick to pick up medicine, food, or when they need a ride to the Doctor.  We provide food when they are too sick to cook for themselves, or following a funeral when the family is grieving.  We visit to provide comfort, we listen, we're a friend and a reminder that their Church family is there for them. 

Emergency food for Funerals - Joe & Ruth Stanley (205) 516-1713

Emergency food for Illnesses - Contact Church Office (205) 525-5161

Sympathy and Congratulation Cards - ?

Emergency rides to doctor or hospital - Dennis Veigl (205) 215-3645

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